Ethan Deyle

Ethan joined the Sugihara lab in 2009 to begin his Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography. He was initially drawn to the lab by a general interest in applying mathematics to real world problems, with a specific interest in practical nonlinear and complex systems approaches to problems in the natural world. Through his Ph.D. and on into his current position as a postdoctoral researcher, Ethan has worked on a number of projects concerning ecosystem-based management and understanding interactions between biological populations and their physical environments. These projects have also naturally coupled to more theoretical investigations into causality and interaction in nonlinear systems. Outside of science, Ethan enjoys cooking, gardening, and music, although time for these has been largely absorbed by his recent F1 hybridization experiment with his wife, Tess.

You can follow Ethan on twitter @nonlinearnature, though it should be noted that his social media activity follows an episodic bursting process.